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We see the urgent need for a healing system that is able to embrace the rising complexity in the diseases and their manifestation.  Chronic physical diseases are on the rise and issues like anxiety and depression were predicted from the WHO before the pandemic to become the most globally widespread disease.
Loneliness and lack of life purpose are proven by the longest scientific trials to be the most detrimental to human health, more than poor nutrition, pollution, stress, genetic predisposition, smoking or any other effects.
We need a system that can address this, that is sustainable and doesn’t and acts throughout all the levels of the human being. We are lucky that nature offers us such a tool that if we invest in it hard work and devotion we can use it to aid all the problems that we are facing and seem to not be on the decline.



if you are a theraphist

The science and medicine of the future.”

Luc Montaigner, Nobel prize in physiology

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