Bringing modern well-being practices with centuries old health systems

What We Offer


Find your tribe! The synergy of a group is greater than the sum of its separate individual parts. There is much more than knowledge, insight and connection awaiting you!

Holistic Programs

Are you committed to improving your health and wellbeing? These holistic programs will offer you the needed support to assure your steady progress towards your goal!

One-to-one consultation

We address the root cause of your problem. Including the physical, emotional and mental aspects that make up your unique situation.

International Academy

Want to improve your practice or create a career you love? Helping others achieve their fullest potential while healing physical issues, then IACM is perfect for you!

Giving Back

Our work is very important to us and we are committed to making a change. The world needs us more than ever to be connected and work for the good of all. Together we are stronger!