Make Your Weakness Your Strength

Understanding your weakness is the first step to harnessing its power and transforming it into one of your greatest strengths.

In this series of events, we will be exploring different techniques on how to discover our weakness and the principles and skills of how to transform it, using the latest scientific research, homeopathy and ancient wisdom traditions.

There will be a wide range of topics that we will explore from the tangible physical aspects, such as nutrition, somatic experiencing and sleep to more subtle ones on the emotional and mental levels such as trauma, suppression, behaviour changes, habits implementation and emotional management. 

We will create a toolkit to identify weaknesses in your system and develop techniques to help you with your transformation process.

All our methods and frameworks are gained through experience and are practically oriented.

We want to create an intentional community that aspires to reach their full potential. This can be done if we are able to be aware, accept our limitations and understand their value. Thus we are fully able to transform them and become the best version of ourselves.

We are not only aiming to develop resilience but antifragility. We believe our limitations are not a hindrance but actually the pressure that transforms coal into a beautiful multi-faceted diamond.