Learn How to Use Homeopathy Effectively

Are you concerned with your health and want to find a non-toxic solution that is more effective than supplements and herbs?
Would you like to know beneficial ways to protect yourself that have been proven for over 250 years and used by over 200 million people?
Would you like to join a community of like-minded people that want to learn more about homeopathy?

Most of the concepts about homeopathy are generally misunderstood.
Homeopathy is not meant to be used as a supplement but is a holistic medical system that helps you regain your health by accessing the root cause of your issue.
It is natural, non-addictive, has no side effects and can work in tandem with other conventional and natural treatments.
Its main strength lies in its capacity to address physical pain, emotional blockages, inherited behaviour patterns and mental issues.

This group is for you if:
-you want to know more and understand how homeopathy could benefit you physically emotionally and mentally
-you already use homeopathy and would like to have better results and use it for a wider range of conditions
-you are a naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and are prescribing homeopathy but would like to be more effective and deepen your knowledge
-you are a professional homeopath and would like to enrich your knowledge of Classical Hahnemannian homeopathy

Every skill needs to have a very solid foundation. We will start from the bottom up, explaining what you need to understand to use homeopathy in an effective and safe way.

We will have meetings every 4-6 weeks and will be learning how to use homeopathy to reap its real benefits. The knowledge will be adapted to the group with the possibility of forming 2 different groups one for beginners and one for professionals.

Faced with our current challenges we seem to need homeopathy more than ever. Chronic diseases, infectious conditions and psychological dis-balances are on the rise. The accurate knowledge of effective healing methods needs to be shared.

The meetings will be led by Classical Homeopathic Consultants Kristina Rey and Koby Nehusthan who together have accumulated over 40 years of experience in homeopathy and natural medicine.

We are looking forward to connecting with you and creating a beautiful community of like-minded people.