Fertility and Prenatal Care Program


Homeopathy can help women with their fertility and improve their chances of getting and staying pregnant.


Like help with:

  • Pre and post IVF treatment support
  • Pre and post-Preception Care
  • Improving your vitality and health to optimize your chances of conceiving.


There is a lot of stress that accompanies the process of trying to bring a new life into the world this can be a very emotional process to say the very least.  Anxiety and unknown questions are common issues.

Homeopathy is very effective and there are methods that in consultation I can recommend to optimize your chances of conception.


Prenatal Care

Infertility is a multilayered issue that you could be unaware of until the time of trying to conceive.  Prenatal care, therefore, is essential  3-6 months prior in the pursuit of naturally increasing your fertility and conceiving a happy healthy baby.

When you are ready to dedicate to the process of becoming the healthiest version of yourself in order to conceive naturally.  Homeopathic Prenatal care is the ideal way to support you psychologically and physically to optimize your fertility.



Emotions and Infertility

When trying to conceive a baby to you can experience an emotional roller coaster ride of feelings such as stress, frustration, envy, disappointment and desperation. 


Your subconscious feelings can have a large influence on your fertility.  Your emotional state is equally as important as your physical wellbeing.  Homeopathy can unblock your emotional issues and strengthen your physical state.

Even though there’s a big desire to bring a new life into the world. The strain of wanting something that seems just not to be happening brings stress.  It creates tension and as well suppresses the immune system and lowers your vitality


We take a look at feelings that could be affecting your ability to conceive during your personalized consultations.  In my experience, many women may have fears about becoming a mother.  Feelings of am I not good enough, some are anxious about body image changes during pregnancy.  Others are afraid of the pain of childbirth.


Not wanting to experience Post-natal depression can be another fear or not wanting to lose personal freedom and identity. 

Fear of miscarriages occurring again and not resolving grief can be another underlying issue.

A trauma in past events such as losing a loved one, physical and emotional abuse can have a big influence on your emotional well-being.

These subconscious emotions and trauma as well as imbalances in your physical well-being through lack of sleep, stress, unbalanced diet, inherited tendencies and chronic diseases may prevent you from conceiving.  Homeopathy can help uncover these underlying issues.

If this resonates with you and you feel I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us, I would love to help you overcome these obstacles and support you on your path to health.

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