Curiosity Connects

There is rising unrest in the world, and if we want to attain a more balanced state understanding each other becomes a necessity.

To do this on a global scale we first need to understand ourselves. We also need the capacity to come to agreements with others and learn in the midst of polarizing opinions.


According to neuroscience, 95% of our decision-making is not conscious, we are not as savvy as we would like to think.

Creating a sense of curiosity towards our own personal stories is the first step to creating distance and perspective to be able to challenge our automatic assumptions and thinking patterns.


Would you like to practice the skill of connecting, expand your horizons and enlarge your social circle?

Are you open to a chat that can improve your day or perhaps your life?

We will be posting monthly events focused on different topics where we will be connecting with each other, enjoy learning and practicing curiosity.


According to research mastering curiosity will improve your:


-professional performance

-social life

-romantic partnership





You can read more details about it in “How can curiosity improve your life?“ 


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The last 20 min of the meetings is Action-oriented. 

Most times when we hear about things, even if we gain some new information or insight we still might feel unable to implement it in our daily lives.

In our monthly Curiosity Gym, we will not only be sharing insights and methods but we will be practicing actionable tools that we can exercise in our life.

Curiosity is the gateway drug to connection and collaboration.  It is the first step to creating emergence and we hope that it will improve your quality of life and help make the world a better place.



1. Greeting: How are you?

Everyone starts with a light check-in, taking a moment to express how you are currently feeling. Keeping in mind to avoid default automatic answers.

2. Question presentation:

We present our questions and anyone can comment on it, brainstorm about it, or help inspire conversation.

We are actively searching for new insight.

When we conclude with the exploration of one question we transition to the next one.

If we run out of questions we can use one provided from the chatbox.

3. Conclusion:

What is your new insight?

How will you put it into practice?



-speak honestly from your experience

-focus on understanding rather than persuading

-strive for a non-judgmental approach and respect of all the points of view

-look for new insights



-A question that you have about the topic

-The will to connect

Come and join us, we are looking forward to hearing about your feelings and opinions.



-I. Gandhi