Hormone Program


Are you experiencing unexplained symptoms, brain fog, low energy, weight gain, hair loss, low libido?

Or are you experiencing postpartum depression or were diagnosed with hormonal issues?

Do you have problems with menopausal symptoms, period issues, mood swings, hormonal acne or headaches?


If you have any of these conditions Homeopathy can help you balance your system, detoxify, and regulate your hormones naturally. Homeopathy acts in a gentle way not overstressing the body producing a gradual deep long-lasting change.


5 reasons why you need to balance your hormones

Our body is a sensitive multilayer system.  Hormones are vital to almost every cell in the body to work.  They influence development, growth, metabolism, reproduction, the way your organs work and help regulate your mood.  

Our body has to adapt to many influences that we didn’t have to contend with before.  Chemicals, toxins in the food, cosmetics, environment, contraceptive pills, artificial hormones, and hormone therapy.  These interfere with our natural balance which hinders our resilience and leaves us exposed to illness and disease. 


1.Contraceptive Pill

Often I see that the contraceptive pill has been used in ways that it wasn’t intended.  From regulating periods to acne, or menstruation pain.

This disrupts your natural cycle and you fall victim to an artificially generated one.  This suppresses the body’s own capacity to balance and regulate itself.

This just conceals problems that return shortly after stopping usage of the pill.  It could also affect a women’s cycle and periods that were once regular now become irregular.


2.Infertility and Fertility Medications/IVF Treatment

Infertility may be caused by hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, stress, unhealthy habits, toxicity or other chronic medical conditions.

Strengthening the reproductive system and balancing your hormones can maximize your chances of getting pregnant regardless of whether the cause of infertility is specified or not.

IVF treatment can cause side effects such as water retention, hot flashes, moodiness, headaches, and an increase in weight.  


3.HRT and menopause

There can be collateral effects to HRT, bloating, breast swelling or tenderness, feeling sick, headaches, mood changes, nausea, vaginal bleeding etc.  HRT can just postpone the symptoms of menopause and once the treatment stops these return to the disappointment of many.


4.Hormones in foods and environmental toxins

Hormones end up on our dinner table when they are given to animals to speed up the growth process.  This along with pesticides and additives that are present on all of our foods gets dispelled back into the water supply which creates an unending toxic loop.

By eating healthy organic food, taking herbs to detoxify, giving up rich foods and drinking filtered water we can detox our bodies but unfortunately for the majority of the people, this is not enough to create a significant change.

The body is easily overwhelmed by poor sleeping habits, ever-increasing stress and inadequate nutrition. More than ever before in history we are being exposed to high levels of environmental toxicity, therefore we need additional assistance in our detoxification process.

Hormone disruptors are found in most of the plastic that we use daily.  They are also present in the majority of cosmetics, bath products and sunscreens.  All new furniture that has fire retardant paint have been shown to interfere with our hormones.


5.The effect of emotions on hormones

Stress, anxiety, and fear all can raise our cortisol levels.  A prolonged period of being in this type of state can disrupt our system and produce excessive hormone production. Suppressing emotions can also manifest in physical functional imbalances. You are probably aware that your hormones affect your mood.  But it’s good to realize that your mood can also affect your hormones.



Infertility and IVF

Homeopathy can help increase your chances of conception. By strengthening your reproductive system, detoxifying your blood and revitalizing your body, it raises your capacity to conceive.

It can also help increase your vitality, therefore, making it easier to withstand IVF and HRT  treatment and recover faster from the collateral effects.

Restoring balance and equilibrium in your body helping it detox from being overwhelmed with drugs and artificial hormones. 


Menopause and menstruation imbalances

Homeopathy is excellent hormonal support it regulates the body naturally to stimulate and regulate hormones. It will boost your immune system and energy levels.

Many women will start to regain their natural cycle, there might be less pain, PMT symptoms and they will experience a more balanced mood and increased energy. 

While improvement can be experienced in the first or second cycle, depending on how overwhelmed the system is. In some cases, more time may be required as the body re-stabilizes and regains its natural balance.

It can support you during the menopausal process without the risk of side effects and help your system rebalance if you’ve stopped using HRT.



Homeopathy aids in the cleansing and detoxification of the organs. Certain remedies focus more to purify the lymphatic system, skin or enhance organ function. It purifies the blood, unblocks the old layers of stagnation or toxic accumulation from the liver. It enhances the drainage capacity of the body and strengthens the weak or overwhelm parts of the system.


The benefits of working with our homeopathic program

Working together in a program will support you steadily towards achieving your desired results.

Homeopathy is a gentle holistic approach that recognizes each person is unique.  Acknowledging that every person needs an individualized solution that is specific to their constitution and the complexity of their emotional and biochemical environment.




If you are ready to commit we can help you on your path towards health and healing.

We offer you a safe environment for healing, learning and self-discovery.  Helping you to understand how to respond to life challenges and how to listen to your body needs. 


We will provide specific tailored tips and methods that will support you in your journey of recovery.

Together we have over 40 years of accumulated clinical experience successfully addressing a wide variety of conditions with long-term results. 

If you are willing to commit to your wellness and would like to take your first step to feel better. You can book a Free 15 min consultation to see if this program resonates with you.

But if you’re willing to start right away please sign up below now, and we can set up your first appointment.



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